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      Oright limited is a professional engaged in electronic components sales and solution provider. Current product line is SHARP TOMOHO CHMC Union GP,Products are widely used in LCD TV,Set-top box car electronic mid intelligent home appliance led lighting and industrial servo, industrial frequency converter electric sewing machine flat knitting machine and industrial control products


      The company found in 1998 and rename to Oright Limited in 2008. Establishment of independent legal person companies in Shenzhen, hong kong,the company have 32 employees,amoung of them have 20 sales and FAE,main focus on mainland China business,total more then 400 customers and sales volume 400 million RMB


      Hongkong Company : oright Limited

      ShenZhen Company :oright electronics (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd


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      self-motion, responsible, cooperation, Win-Win

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